A non-refundable fee of $65 is charged upon registration of each child annually

If Transportation is needed or required, $20 per week will be charged. All drop-in is based on a (8) Eight hour limit

Children are allowed up to 50 hours total in the week. Sixth day of the week will be charged at a drop in rate. 

After the total of 50hours, a fee of $10/per hour is applied orincrement of $25 for 5 hours increment in advance. Not on the day of service.

· Any request for free service must be done 24hours in advance.

· Any weekend service must be requested 24 hours in advance.

· No discount is given for absent days. Full tuition is due weekly until the child’s withdrawal date.

· All payment is due on first day or in advance. If not paid, late fee is accessed.  


Infant (6wks   – 12 months)



Toddlers   (13months – 2yrs)



Pre-School (3   – 4yrs)  



Summer Care (School Age) 

(field trip is extra)

(Ages Five and up)



Before And   After School Care

(until 6:30PM)



Before School   Care



After School   Care (6:30PM)



No School   days (Registered)



No School day   (Non Registered)